By Ward Dehairs, November 1, 2018

Blitz01 was my submission for the first Extra Credits game jam back in 2018. As by the rules, it was made over a weekend on the theme "awesome per second".

Following this theme I picked up an old idea I had lying around. I noticed while playing top down puzzle games like chip's challenge you waste a lot of time just walking around, testing out your ideas. I figured this walking around might as well happen instantly, so you can play as fast as you can think. I translated this idea into a working game as best I could, leading to Blitz01.

This makes the game a fairly simple top down puzzle game, with the twist being that everything happens super fast.

Screenshot 1 from Blitz01 Screenshot 2 from Blitz01 Screenshot 3 from Blitz01

You can try out the original game on Versions are available for browser and Android phone.

Much later, in 2021 I got back to Blitz01, I decided to polish up the game and publish to expand a repertoire of mobile games for my new business. Getting it ready was a relatively simple task of creating new visuals for the small number of asset pieces and streamlining the method for creating and saving level files.

As per the original game, it's still about solving classical top down puzzles in the style of chip's challenge while your character can move as fast as you can steer her.

Screenshot 1 from reworked Blitz01 Screenshot 2 from reworked Blitz01 Screenshot 3 from reworked Blitz01

The game is currently no longer available as there were continuous problems with ads and monetization, and no player base to compensate for the time it took to deal with this, so eventually I decided to take it down from Google Play.