Slapshot 2024/03/14

My contributions for Slapshot, an online multiplayer ice hockey game by Oddshot

MBM algorithm 2024/01/11

An algorithm for posing 3D scans based on a Morphed Base Mesh

Shredders 2023/10/10

My contributions for Shredders, a snowboarding pc game by I-Illusions

Bam 2023/09/10

My contributions for BAM, a local multiplayer VR game by I-Illusions

Diode Arena pitch deck 2023/09/01

A pitch deck for Diode Arena, what is it now and what it may become.

Valence tile puzzle 2023/01/01

A serious VR game for research in eye-tracking, made for Imec

Backgrounds 2022/10/01

A list of pretty backgrounds from the old website

Chrono Project free release 2022/05/11

Building first demo for Diode Arena

Diode Arena start 2022/04/28

Building first demo for Diode Arena

Direct Strike counter chart 2022/02/07

Which commanders counter which in the popular Starcraft II custom game Direct Strike

Mobile game marketing survey 2021/09/24

A small survery into how to best market mobile games

Valence project 2021/09/09

A serious VR game for research in eye-tracking, made for Imec

Chain fountain simulation 2021/06/01

Simulating a controversial physics phenomenon

Arcade box project 2021/02/06

Building a miniature arcade box with a LED matrix screen and lasercut wood

Light Weight Fluids :: 2020/10/01

A fluid simulation asset for Unity

3D Artwork 2020/08/01

A random scattering of interesting 3D models

AI for Matti 2020/05/01

Development of basic AI algorithms to work with Matti

Software for Matti 2020/04/01

Software development for Matti at Creative Therapy

Signal shooter 2020/03/11

A game jame game designed for blind people

Babel translation toolkit :: 2019/10/10

A Unity asset for easy translations

Flexible color picker :: 2019/07/14

A free color picker asset for Unity

Pirates game 2019/06/01

A serious game for a hearing test, made for KULeuven

Tower game 2019/05/01

A serious game for a hearing test, made for KULeuven

DieselX 2019/04/01

A serious game for studying dyslexia, made for KULeuven

FERM :: 2019/03/22

Fast Easy Ray Marching for Unity

Chrono serializer :: 2019/01/08

Time rewinding asset for Unity

Blitz01 2018/11/01

A game about solving puzzles fast

Intervention game 2018/10/01

A serious game for providing hearing tests to young children, made for KULeuven

Unity Faction 2018/06/01

An attempt to bring RedFaction to 2018

Polishing & kickstarter 2018/04/01

Polishing work towards a secondary demo of Chrono Project and the kickstarter project

Chrono project demo 2018/02/09

Finishing the demo version of Chrono Project

2.5D Tile Editor :: 2017/10/13

A tile editor for Unity that lets you put 3D tiles in a 2D grid

Huddle of feels 2017/06/29

A very special 3D model

Chrono time rewinding 2017/06/01

Building the central time rewinding mechanic for Chrono Project

Chrono mechanics 2017/04/01

Building basic game mechanics for the Chrono Project

Chrono Project start 2017/03/01

Making character models for Chrono Project

Drop Out 0 2015/09/01

A first person shooter without HP, you knock your opponents out of the Arena to win

HexWars 2015/06/01

A mobile turn based strategy game

Planar 2013/01/01

A 2D space simulator game written in Java

Older work 2008/01/01

Work from Ward’s childhood and teenage years

I originally started building a website to keep track of my progress on ChronoProject, back in 2018. I eventually brought the website online as and made it an official hub for all my work. Founding Negotiator Studios in 2023 I decided to again migrate all my work to a new website, which you are reading now.

This page holds projects made by Ward Dehairs and eventually Negotiator Studios. A "project" can be a progress update for a larger game, a full smaller game, a piece of technology, an asset store asset, some 3D models, whatever I think is cool enough to merit a page and a memory.