Chrono Project free release

By Ward Dehairs, May 11, 2022

Windows: Chrono Project Windows

MacOS: Chrono Project MacOS

Linux: Chrono Project Linux

After being available on Steam for about 3 years the Chrono Project has had limited success. I can go on about the reasons behind this, but it does not matter to you. What matters is that I as a developer want my games to be played. I want to see players enjoy and get inspired by my work. That's why I have decided to make the Chrono Project free, for everyone, forever.

I have revamped the game with Unity2021, which allows for better compression, better performance and improved graphics, mainly in the form of the lighting engine. I also processed a few details of feedback and bugs that have come in over the years, so the experience should be cleaner and better than before.

I hope that for all its flaws, you can enjoy playing Chrono Project as much as I enjoyed building it.