Diode Arena start

By Ward Dehairs, April 28, 2022

Among my epic gamer friends we have a recurring issue: there just aren't that many games that we all enjoy to play together anymore. So when one of our all time favourite games starting losing its touch, becoming worse by the day we were devestated. We immediately started joking about recreating the game ourselves, the way it was back when we loved it. That with a healthy dose of actually listening to your playerbase should lead to a much better outcome.

Much, much later I actually decided to follow trough with this idea, which leads us here. At the time of writing the battle bot game is still in alpha with a lot of known issues. Still sorely lacking are mechanisms for XP, unlocks, progress, proper match flow, part variety and a lot of polish. But hey, you have to start somewhere and the basic mechanics are working splendidly!

Screenshot 1 from Battle bot alpha Screenshot 2 from Battle bot alpha Screenshot 3 from Battle bot alpha

While I was accepting suggestions at the original time of writing, I have since settled on "Diode Arena". Still if you have other ideas, feel free to send them to me.

Naming and theming of Diode Arena