Diode Arena, an online vehicle crafting arena game in the likes of Robocraft, Procelio and Botbrawl, is currently in closed Beta.

The game can use your support! Leave a wishlist on Steam to help us create a succesful release.

Wishlist Diode Arena on Steam

If you want to become a playtester or contributor for Diode Arena please join our Discord channel below. You can select the playtester role to apply automatically. For further help, feel free to @WARdd or @GDMaarten.

Find further information about Diode Arena here.

If you're looking to hire a consultant for game development, unity development or other work in graphics and 3D software, please take a look at the consultancy page

If you're looking for more information about a game asset made by Negotiator Studios, please refer to the assets page

Recent activity

MBM algorithm 2024/01/11

An algorithm for posing arbitrary scans based on a Morphed Base Mesh

Shredders 2023/10/10

My contributions for Shredders, a snowboarding pc game by I-Illusions

Bam 2023/09/10

My contributions for BAM, a local multiplayer VR game by I-Illusions

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A random scattering of interesting 3D models

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