3D Artwork

By Ward Dehairs, August 1, 2020

Some inspiration for 3D artwork has poured in over the years, here are some results.

Cartoon style 3D model of 'Ugandan Knuckles', while it was a short-lived meme, it did propel this model as by far my most liked and viewed on SketchFab.

My submission for a contest on the topic of 'turning a meme 3D'

A planet ship, a science fiction concept for interstellar travel.

Planet ship

Final rendering of the planet ship scene

Korro: a testing character made for a game concept that was cancelled.

Marnick avatar

Marnick, a friend of mine as a ship avatar, from the vessel "The absolutely final commit nr. 2" in reference to the culture series of the late Iain M. Banks

Cyber security

A vague attempt at visualizing the idea of "cybersecurity", for the same friend

Nebula skybox

Computer generated nebula skybox effect, usefull for 3D games set in space

Nebula skybox

Rendering of the printable "hand frame" to prop up winter gloves for drying