Chrono project demo

By Ward Dehairs, February 9, 2018

The first level I designed for Chrono Project was aptly the tutorial, which explains the basic movement and time rewinding mechanics the game had so far.

The first real levels are set in the Robo factories, which immediately show a strong contrast with the relatively medieval architecture of the Chrono.

In these factories, the Robo build and test their weapons of war.

Needless to say, these places are heavily gaurded, with machines and turrets behind every corner.

Naturally, the Robo like to deploy machines as their guards. Rook tanks spray their attacks in a straight line, demolishing their opponents. While Zap drones chase down their targets, with shocking results.

The robo are preparing for war, and their war machines have become very powerful. They are still somewhat lacking in autonomy though, so a lot of effort is going to developing AI for them.

It may be a bit clunky, but put in charge of a tank, this AI is very dangerous indeed.

The rogue AI is the first bossfight of the game, and the last real section of gameplay available in the demo.

The boss employs several different attack strategies, including spraying bullets, firing rockets, launching drones and even straight up running over the player. Fight smartly and rewind quickly.

Developing the physics for this tank proved more difficult than expected. Painstacking wrangling with the Unity physics engine soon followed.

It didn't improve much for a long time...

But the demo is proof that I fixed it eventually. If you're interested to play the demo, well why not just play the finished game for free?