Chrono Project start

By Ward Dehairs, March 1, 2017

Around the time I finished Drop Out 0, I played Undertale and felt inspired to make a new game, one with characters and storytelling. For a while I had a lot of fun planning out a story line and coming up with characters. I decided to start modelling those characters to get a better feeling for them and the story I wanted to create. It would also help me to narrow down the style of the game, since I felt like characters would be the most complicated part to create, artisitically speaking.

Making those characters does not come without the necessary mishaps though.

Rigging issues are funny, but usually easy to fix.

You also have to deal with distractions every now and then.

Poor girl can't catch a break.

Moving on to some basic animations, not doing much better...

But after only a few weeks, I had a full set of characters finished up: The wizards, the chosen, the engineer, the hierarch, the ace, the general, the pilot and the alchemist.

To top off this streak of modelling, I wanted to get into some coding. I got started implementing some movement mechanics for the main character and decided to add a feature that would allow him to turn his head towards the mouse cursor. This may seem like a simple task, but I know how to make things unnecessarily hard. I wanted the character's spine, chest, neck and head to rotate in unison, giving a natural bend to the character as he looks around. The early results were quite ridiculous.

Sometimes things get worse before they get better.

Getting closer...

And there you go.