Diode Arena

Is a game where you build your own vehicles (often abbreviated as “bots”) with various movement types and weapons to battle against AI or other online players. You can fight in a free for all or in a team-based objective game modes. Playing online, you will earn cash and vouchers to unlock and buy new weapons, skins and unlock new technologies. Use your earnings to build bigger, better, stronger bots and gain the upper hand in the next battle! Diode Arena is designed to be enjoyed casually and competitively. Join your friends and play in teams of 5 to 8 people.

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If you want to become a playtester or contributor for Diode Arena, or if you just want to keep up with the latest news please join our Discord channel below. You can select the playtester role to apply automatically. For further help, feel free to @WARdd or @GDMaarten.

Tactics and gameplay

You will have to be creative and clever when designing your bots. Movement parts such as wheels, wings and hover blades need to be built with redundancy in mind, as parts can get shot off during the course of a battle. Bots may be built block by block, but will be stronger -and prettier- using advanced build plates. Each bot is centered on a core which has limited HP and must be protected. Any part that is disconnected from the core will be lost instantly, so strong redundant connections are needed for an optimal design.

Every functional part in Diode Arena uses energy, including movement parts and weapons. To build an effective bot, you must balance your energy budget. Fortunately, there is a system of customizable modules, which let you specialize different systems for efficiency or power. You can also equip additional energy generation or storage capacity. This allows you to build bots that land into different archetypes, such as an extended brawler or a hit-and-run burst attacker.

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